Despotopoulos Marbles S.A

Marbles Despotopoulos SA is a long established Company that was founded in 1922. Three generations have been employed ensuring the company goes from strength to strength and demonstrated in the Stone Market very substan-tial and successful work.
The Company has a variety of quality materials from all over the world. Its colors cover a wide range and with over 300 types of Stones available, it can provide solutions for all architectural specifications.

In an area of 12,000m2 there are permanently stocked over 60,000m2 of slabs and tiles of Marbles, Granites, Sandstones, Slates, Quartz and Semi Precious Stones.
There is special attention given to all the types of finishes such as Polished, River Washed, Leather finish, Antique finish, Split faced, bush hammered etc.

The production capacity of the company is guaranteed by a dedicated depart-ment which studies and offers suggested solutions both for design as well construction issues in relation to all Stones. It also has a full complement of dedicated fixing teams with extensive experience in undertaking any size of Stone installation projects. Through many years of notable experience Our Company ensures that gives a proper service to all our customers. Marbles Despotopoulos SA has successfully completed not only major tasks, such as Hotels and Theater Centers, but any work of exquisite nature that maybe required such as Private Luxury Residences.

Based on all the above Marble Despotopoulos SA has the necessary Know How to undertake, manage and successfully complete any type of Stone Project however intricate.